Sweet Corn Tempura

SUSHISAMBArio is revolutionizing Chicago’s River North area by fusing Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine, music and design.   This unique blend of cultures began in 1999 when the  original SUSHISAMBA opened its doors in NYC.  They have since expanded to boast six locations including Chicago, Miami, Tel Aviv and Las Vegas.   The energy and vibrancy of SUSHISAMBA can turn a weeknight dinner into a breathtaking culinary event.

It was a long road from his first job at a faux Outback to his stint in the kitchen of Alinea, but to Chef Dan Tucker it has always been his passion for the adrenaline of a kitchen environment that has driven him to the top of the Chicago restaurant scene.   Chef Tucker is a valuable addition to Chicago’s SUSHISAMBArio. His mixture of creativity and flawless technique make SUSHISAMBArio the perfect place for Chef Tucker to display his superior cuisine.

Tempura is a fundamental part of the SUSHISAMBArio menu. Chef Tucker’s personal favorite is the Sweet Corn Tempura with Summer Truffle and Togarashi. He begins by carefully removing the kernels from a fresh ear of corn. After coating the corn in tempura batter he gently places it in the fryer. Once the corn is nice and crispy Chef Tucker seasons it with salt and shichimi togarashi, a Japanese seven-spice. He finishes it with truffle aioli, freshly shaved truffle, and a sprinkling of chives. Chef Tucker’s dedication to local ingredients makes every dish as fresh and enticing as the Sweet Corn Tempura.

Website / 504 North Wells St. / Chicago, IL 60610 / phone 312.595.2300