Cafe 676 at the Omni Hotel is bringing “farm to table” philosophy to the Magnificent Mile.  Executive Chef Daven Wardynski believes in a “midwest and local whenever possible” attitude which makes him dedicated to supporting local farmers and promoting sustainability.  Chef Wardynski has inspired a roof-top garden at the Omni which overlooks Michigan Avenue allowing him to use ingredients he hand picked only moments before they hit the plate.

Chef Wardynski began his culinary career at an early age in his home state of Michigan.  He worked in many fine dining establishments throughout the Michigan/Wisconsin area before finding his way to Chicago.  Prior to joining the Omni team he served as Executive Sous Chef at the legendary Pump Room Restaurant and as Chef de Partie under celebrity chef Rick Tramonto at TRU.

Chef Wardynski showcases his green thumb by preparing Sweet Corn Ravioli with the freshest ingredients possible from his roof-top oasis.   He prepares the ravioli by hand with a goat cheese, corn filling which he brightens up with fresh basil leaves.  Next he tops the ravioli with a corn pesto seasoned with rosemary, sherry vinegar and parmesan.  Chef Wardynski finishes the dish with a leek and mushroom salad which he also grew himself.

Website / 676 North Michigan Ave / Chicago, IL 60611 / phone 312.944.6664