With the culinary comeback of “Top Chef” runner-up Dale Levitski, Sprout boasts a French-American prix-fixe  bistro menu in the kitchen, and an unprecedented crowdsourced redesign of the restaurant in the front of the house. Sprout’s intimate setting offers upscale dining with a relax-your-shoulders vibe. Join us for a delicious meal and the opportunity to be a part of the redesign and redevelopment of a neighborhood restaurant.

Chef Dale Levitski is a farm-to-table cook with deep roots in the Slow Food Movement. Here he displays this by visiting the Green City Market and sharing tips on how to pick out the best produce. Levitski says that he often relies on the farmers to introduce him to new ingredients which in turn keeps his menu seasonal and full of surprises.

Website / 1417 West Fullerton / Chicago, IL 60614 / phone 773.348.0706

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