Liquid Cauliflower Ravioli

Quince at the Homestead serves Progressive American cuisine inspired by the best ingredients of each season.  Executive Chef Andy Motto has an esteemed pedigree, having spent time at the French Laundry, Charlie Trotter’s, Les Nomades, and Le Francais.   He complements his French training with Asian influences.

Quince offers an a la carte menu, a 5-course chef tasting menu, a grand chef tasting menu, as well as the Q2 bar only menu.

Quince has many signature dishes, but one of its most renowned is the Liquid Cauliflower Ravioli appetizer. Chef Motto starts with Squid Ink Pasta and fills them with pure Cauliflower essence.  He floats them in an herbed-butter sauce, with Apple compote, and a sliver of Smoked Salmon.  The finishing touch is a lavender leaf, which he says adds an aromatic touch to the dish.

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